Counting my Blessings

As I opened my eyes this morning I noticed a strange feeling overcome me.  Feeling nauseated I ran to the bathroom dreading the day ahead.  The Flu has hit and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to function in order to do the “house thing”, the “kid thing” and the “food thing”.  How will I possibly be able to make breakfast or anything else for that matter?  My bed was calling out to me, kept pulling me, and taunting me with warm sheets and soft pillows.  I tried to shake it off.  It worked for about 30 minutes then there was no fighting it.  I had lost the battle and had to raise the white flag as I surrendered to the welcoming cocoon of warm blankets. 
As I lay there I called out to my children…have you eaten?  What are you doing?  Please feed the dog!  You know you’ve done something right when they come to you immediately letting you know that all is well and that they are taking care of everything.  Breakfast, the dog, lunch and who knows maybe even dinner. My 14 yr old daughter was just so grownup when she said “I’m so sorry that you don’t feel well Mommy.  Is there anything I can get you”?  My 10 yr old son proceeded to come up to me to tell me not to worry and that I should get back to bed.  As I walked up to the window to open the blinds and let in some sunlight he said “Mommy, we can do that why can’t you just rest?”  That’s a good question I thought so I answered…because “I’m a Mom, it’s what I do”.  They both smiled really wide and I saw their love just pour out appreciating who I am to them.  It felt GREAT!  I realized then that I needed them to do this for me because it would be a great way to continue building them as the good hearted, loving, Christ-like kids that they are growing to be.cross rainbow
I may be sick today and feel horrible physically but my heart is feeling GREAT!  I am feeling very, very blessed to have such loving children.  I want to hold on to this moment and pull it out when I feel underappreciated. This is the moment that true colors shine and how bright they are.

So for today I will be following my kid’s orders to rest and while I do that I will most definitely be counting my blessings.



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