Wherefore art thou friends?

O Friends, friends wherefore art thou friends? Deny thy cell phone and refuse thy text; or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my bestie, and I’ll no longer be an acquaintance.

I’m using this picture not so much because it’s perfectly suited for this post but rather because I found this sign placed on a fence and just had to take the picture. Me likey!

What is it with people these days?  Is it just me or is it really hard to find a friend.  Oh sure you can talk to just about anyone but that does not a friend make.  When you think about the friends you’ve made in your life which ones are still around?  All, most, some, a few or maybe just a couple?  I can honestly say that friends are hard to come by.  Let me clarify by explaining what I consider to be a friend.  A friend should be someone that you can trust and count on.  Someone that is loyal and dependable. You feel comfortable around them and can be yourself not worrying about being judged or misunderstood.    Sometimes I could just kick myself for feeling like a middle schooler again when I try to get acquainted with someone to find they aren’t really interested.  I guess their friend card is all full.  I try not to get sour about it and I just move on.  Prayer helps get me through because I know that God wants what’s best for me so I decide that He has better plans laid ahead.  I have to admit though that I often think to myself…”hey, I’m a fun person, loving and giving.  Why do I have such a difficult time making friends??”  Did I mention humble? I should definitely put that on the list. 

I don’t want to sound like a downer I just truly wonder about people sometimes.  I mean I’ve gotten ignored or forgotten more times than I care to mention. That sounds pretty pitiful doesn’t it? Phew what’s up wit dat?  Really people, is it just me being a baby or are real friends just hard to find? Maybe I should consider starting a campaign. How do these slogans sound?

”Be my friend and I’ll be loyal to the end.”

“Hang with me and best friends will always be.”

“If you’re my friend you’ll never leave the house with lipstick on your teeth”

I know they stink but they make good points wouldn’t you say?  Okay so I’m mostly joking but friends are really important to me and are truly hard to find.  So next time you come across someone that’s trying to strike up a conversation with you…throw them a bone and “conversimacate” right back. You’ll be doing a great service to the person who may just need an ear to listen and to yourself because you never know…that just might be the best friend you never knew you’d have.



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