You know…out of all the extras you could possibly have in life, teeth somehow don’t quite make the list of favorites.  While I enjoy having them, extras don’t appeal to me.

What on earth am I talking about?  Let me explain.  While recently on vacation my 10 year old son questions some white spots he was seeing on his gums. “Mommy!  Look at these white things in my mouth”.  I of course being the caring mother that I am proceeded to check his gums and came to the conclusion that it must be natural pressure causing the whitish appearance on the gums.  I went as far as showing him my gums at places that looked exactly the same.  So…based on my extensive non-dental expertise declared it to be nothing.  Case closed.

Two to three weeks later the incident comes to mind and I decided to follow-up  on the gum situation.  You know so I can say “see it was nothing”.  What happened next will boggle the mind.  Suddenly I found myself staring straight at a new pair of teeth forcing their way into my child’s mouth uninvited.  How rude!!!  How could this be?  I totally handled this problem and it should have never turned into “teeth” of all things.

Can you imagine that?

The culprits have left the building.   Thank you Dr. Stein.

The culprits have left the building.
Thank you Dr. Stein.

Two weeks later…

1 visit to the Orthodonist plus 2 to the dentist = 1 nervous kid, 4 shots of Novocaine, 2 gaping holes, 1 numb mouth and 1 hilariously entertaining conversation. (What can I say his numb mouth looked funny).

teeth gaping hole


Good times!


One thought on “Extras

  1. Poor kid! Wow. No fun at all. (For any of you. I bet he was a trooper though.)
    I don’t have “extra” teeth. I’m actually missing one. I still have a baby tooth b/c there is no permanent tooth under it! Lol. Crazy things, these mouths of ours.

    Hope the kiddo is feeling okay. Did he get an EXTRA visit from the tooth fairy? Lol.


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