Hand Over the Laptop and No One Gets Hurt

Wow!  I never realized how much I rely on my laptop.  Well that is until my husband’s vacuuming incident swept the laptop onto the floor.  My old friend met his fate on that cruel dust free day and is no more. *tear
I thought to myself how bad could it be? It’ll probably boot right back up…Uhhmm, maybe not.  Do you understand that I do everything on my lap top?  This was my everything gadget.  Need to write something down? Get the laptop.  Need to help kids with homework?  Get the laptop.  Need to look up kids grades? Get the laptop .  Need to order a new hard drive?  Get the lap…oh wait a second here.  How am I suppose to order a hard drive online if I don’t have a working laptop?  Hmmmm, kids! Can you bring me YOUR laptop?  Uhuh…I found a way.  Well at least I was able to order my much needed hard drive.  I even paid extra in order to receive it in 3 days.
Seven days later…
Oh wait! Is that the UPS truck outside with my new hard drive?  Yeah!!!  I opened the box carefully as if half expecting the contents to fall to the floor causing it to endure the same fate as my laptop.  But no I was successful and held the hard drive in my sweaty hands as I dreamed of days filled with Microsoft publisher, Wordpress, Bing, Pinterest  and so many more old friends.  I proceeded to act like I knew what I was doing and unscrewed the back panel of the laptop to reveal the old hard drive.  I removed the old one carefully and replaced it with the new.  It clicked right in.  Then…my worst nightmare came true!  As I attempted to replace the lid to screw it back on I realized that this hard drive is almost twice as thick as the old one.  WHAT!?  How did this happen?  My computer geek brother-in-law told me this was the right hard drive!!!  A few deep breaths later I came to the conclusion that I will not be perusing or using my laptop in any way shape or form.  My computer time is now limited to when my children are not using theirs.  Did I mention that they are always using it and are always waiting for the other to finish?  Yeah that’s right!
Apparently I need to return the hard drive and figure out which one I need. So this is a sad case that won’t be resolved for what looks like a few more weeks.  Will I survive?  Probably, but I definitely won’t enjoy it. 
Well, I guess this means I’ll be back here as soon as I can get another turn with the kids laptop.  Wish me luck!

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