Summer Learning

Summer time is “no school” time but around here we never stop doing math or reading.  I know, I know sounds cruel but summer learning is my way of keeping the kids on point.  Through the school year they tend to struggle with math and with that in mind I like keeping them a step ahead by working on their weak spots during the summer break.

In past years I’ve purchased different online curriculum but this year I found TenMarks has a free summer program and decided to give it a try.  I’m actually combining it with Khan Academy for better assessment coverage.  I particularly love that both sites create a specialized program according to how they fare on the initial assessment test.  I have the kids work on this for about 30 minutes a day Monday-Friday and so far it’s worked out really well.

If you’re child struggles with math or just needs to keep it fresh give these programs a try, both are free and easy to use.  The daily work doesn’t take much time at all but it helps them build those much needed math skills.  Once that’s done they’ll have plenty of time for heading to the park or just plain lounging around.

Summer Time
Summer Time


Happy Homeschooling



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