Celebrate Your Love

Nineteen years ago today I made a commitment that set off a chain of events that would change my life forever.  It caused two lonely hearts to finally be where they belonged…together.

Wedding Vows @ Time2Refuel
I wrote these vows 19 years ago for my hubby

Now we are a family of four

It’s amazing to think how quickly the years go by.  My husband and I knew each other for 13 years even before we started dating.  Here we are 19 years after our wedding…WOW that means we’ve known one another for 32 years now!!!

That’s amazing!

You know I don’t claim to have the best relationship because we definitely make our share of mistakes, but what I’m noticing more and more is that God is constantly teaching us through every situation.  When things don’t go right I’m learning to ask what He’s trying to tell me, what I need to learn from it.  Trusting God to fill in the cracks is how we make it.

More than ever I’m also noticing that our children are watching.  They’re learning what marriage is, not just from what they’re told but from what they see and experience through us.  I know we fail them a lot but we also show them that no matter what, we love each other and we love God, so everything works itself out.

It’s great whenever we have an excuse to celebrate something. However it becomes more challenging when you’re trying to live on a budget and be debt-free. So we’re sacrificing by cutting back on gifts and fancy dinners.  I really enjoy the little gestures that we can show one another that can also serve to show our kids that the simple things are very important.

For example this morning I left this on our bathroom mirror for my hubby.

Happy Anniversary @ Time2Refuel

Today I have loved you for 6,939 days. 19 Years and Counting

I sent that picture in a text to my daughter as she was on her way to school this morning. She responded with this text…


My son’s reaction was similar yet a bit more manly.  Bottom line they love the “mush” and that’s a great thing since I am the mushiest of them all!

So with all that said I would like to encourage you all to make the best of any situation.  If you can’t afford a luxurious outing or gift that’s okay, be creative but most of all be thoughtful and Celebrate Your Love. You’re spouse and children will love you for it.



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