Letter To The Broken-Hearted Mom

Moms are meant to nurture, that’s how we’re wired.  We care for and guard our kids from all kinds of dangers.  As they grow and face different challenges we teach them how to turn to God during those times. We do our very best to prepare them but can’t possibly cover everything they might come up against…so we pray.

They don’t see our hearts intent, they don’t see how in our eyes they can do nothing to drive us away or how we hurt when they hurt. We just keep loving them the way we do. Then they grow up and are making decisions on their own, fumbling through life as they navigate the world of adulthood.

It’s so difficult to stand back and let them fall, resist the urge to catch them and just watch as they make choices that will lead to no good.  When our words of advice fall on deaf ears because they think they know better. The day they no longer turn to God for guidance because they “don’t need Him”.

Then there are those that are lost to cancer or an unforeseeable accident before they even get a chance to make their own mistakes. These are tough scenarios but some moms are going through them right now. Feeling lost and alone.

Today my mind has been wandering back to this topic and how painfully devastating it must be for any mother to feel these types of loss.  I’m praying that God break my heart for what breaks His and I know that sometimes in the pain it’s difficult to draw close but I encourage you to not lose sight of His promises.

God break my heart for what breaks Yours

Though I don’t know you by name I’m crying along with you and praying that you find solace in Him. My heart goes out to you. I pray that the words in the video below serve you as some form of comfort.

So...did you enjoy this post? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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