5 Free or Frugal Family Activities

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Entertaining a family can get quite expensive these days.  We definitely have to get creative sometimes in order to stay on budget. Though a challenging task not impossible.

Here are 5 suggestions on ways to spend quality family time together spending little or no money:

  1. Grab a picnic basket and prepare a few sandwiches and fruits.  Add some tempting sweet treats and drive to the nearest park, lake or beach.  Toss a Frisbee or a football. My kids get a kick out of seeing me climb a tree and yes even roll down a hill right alongside them.
  2. Time to dust off those bicycles or skate boards and hit the road. If you want a change in scenery go to the nearest park or pick a neighborhood you love driving by and bike/skate there instead. Then drop on by Dairy Queen for a BOGO Blizzard, Register here for coupons.
  3. Redbox to the rescue…you can use this promo code for a free rental and choose a flick everyone will enjoy. Free Redbox Code: DVDONME (ongoing)
  4. Visiting model homes has always been a fun outing for us.  Might sound strange to some of you but hey they enjoy themselves and I love going to get decorating ideas. It’s a win, win. The kids love going from room to room.  They especially love exploring with their cousins.
  5. Freebie dinner, yep that’s right I said “freebie”.  I’ve been getting restaurant gift cards from mypoints. If you’ve never heard of it you’re missing out. Check them out at mypoints.com . You’ll thank me later. ツ

Family is important and the kids are growing up way faster than we’d like.  I encourage you all to take advantage of the time you have with your family.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

I hope you enjoyed this list.  I’d love it if you let me know of any activities you’re doing with your family that are free or frugal. ツ




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