Embraced by His love

glasses n bible

The reality that strikes when you’re reading and your vision blurs from tears
because the words were sent to you
meant to comfort you

The reality that takes over in the mist of your recognition of this simple truth
From so many sides
The message is pure

It’s hopeful and gracious
Yet the tears continue to stream

No control at this point
No way to stop the emotion that has filled and overwhelmed you to the core

So you cry
You cry that body shaking, stuffy nose kind of cry that’s essentially necessary for cleansing your soul

You wait and you wonder
When will it stop

Suddenly it just does
For the moment

You’re clear, or just numb but noticeably changed
The reality of knowing God came to hug you today

Embraced by His love…the tears return

Isaiah 41:13

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; Iwill help you.


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11 thoughts on “Embraced by His love

  1. This is beautiful and so wonderfully real! I can relate to the feeling of utter awe, the moment that we realize that the Almighty God, the Glorious Creator reached out deliberately, intentionally, to confirm to us that He is listening and that we are loved. Thanks for sharing!

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