Summer Reading List

cropped-image_2013-11-06_1707571.pngChallenging and age appropriate books can be difficult to find.  It seems that these days everything is riddled with explicit language or sexual connotation. I personally struggled finding books that were both captivating, appropriate and also at my children’s reading level.

I’m not crazy about testing but years ago I had my children tested to find out what their Lexile Reading Measure was.  This was just a way for me to accurately select books that would challenge as well as entertain them on a suitable level.

My daughter was reading at a college level by the time she was in 6th grade and my son was reading at a 7th grade level when he was in 4th grade so you can understand my dilemma.

Maybe you’re in the same position and are struggling to find reading material for your kids.  Below you’ll find a list of some of our favorites.This is a great way to start choosing interesting books for your kids to read.  If they’ve already read these I suggest you look up similar books by entering your book titles on http://www.whatshouldireadnext.com/. I found this site quite helpful when I ran out of options.

If you had your child tested and have a Lexile score then you can go to https://lexile.com/ and look up books within your child’s Lexile Level.

Happy Reading…



List of books by Lexile Levels:   

  • The Enchanted Castle by: Edith Nesbit                                                                  Lexile Level: 210L
  • The Castle in the Attic by: Elizabeth Winthrop                                                       Lexile Level: 750L
  • Battle For the Castle by: Elizabeth Winthrop                                                          Lexile Level: 700L
  • Dragon Rider by: Cornelia Funke                                                                            Lexile Level: 710L
  • Left Behind “Kids” Series by: Jerry B Jenkins; Tim LaHaye                                Lexile Level range: 440L-770L
  • Hunger games series by: Suzanne Collins                                                             Lexile Level range: 600L-1030L
  • Eragon Series by: Christopher Paolini                                                                     Lexile Level range: 710L-1200L
  • Series of Unfortunate Events by: Lemony Snicket                                                Lexile Level range: 850L-1370L

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Faith

Seems like lately college aged students are choosing to leave the church.  Claiming that God doesn’t exist.  What’s going on?  Why the wave of doubt and confusion?

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.1 Peter 5:8

It’s scary to think that you worked hard to get your child into a decent college hoping they’d have all the best opportunities. Start on the path to a great career and  successful future.  What you didn’t bargain for was paying all that money and upon graduation finding out she’s decided that there isn’t a God.  Wait! What?

I see now that as a parent I need to take a more pro-active role.  My kids still have several years before they get to college so the time is now. It’s time to make sure and provide them with the necessary tools they’ll need to feel confident and stand firm when their faith is being challenged, whether by a college professor or fellow students planting a seed.  I want my kids to be prepared.

Here is where I’ve decided to start, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An atheist” is a book that answers a lot of the things that are commonly questioned; The authenticity of the bible, Who Jesus really is, If God is real why do we suffer? These are just a few topics that caught my attention.  I’ve heard great things about this book and I’ll be checking it out for myself, for my kids, for their future.

On that note, I’d like to offer up my two cents in a list of sorts…

Top 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Faith

  1. Devotional/Bible time– Have your kids gotten into the habit of reading their bible daily?  Start them on devos as soon as possible.  The younger the better. We did it first thing in the morning at the breakfast table. When they were 3 and 7 we’d start the day off with keysforkids followed by adventuresinodyssey they loved both.  Jellytelly.com is another great one for young kids.  Whateverdevo you choose the important thing is to create a habit of reading studying and sharing God’s word.
  2.  Pray– Seems obvious however needs to be mentioned.    Kids are natural sponges and the best way to teach them to pray is by praying. Pray with them at meals pray with them at bedtime and let them see you pray while you’re standing at the kitchen counter or at the stop light.  They remember that…those are defining moments. There is power in prayer and they learn from watching you.
  3.  Seek and Find– Teach them to look stuff up.  They might hear so-called truths from classmates or teachers and believe it, because they said it, so it must be true.  Challenge them to verify information.  Kids say some incredible things sometimes and can be quite gullible as well, making it all the more important to teach them to question what they’ve heard and know when to disregard
    As mere opinion.
  4. Challenge them– Present them with a scenario  that they might encounter in high school or college. How will they respond? Will they know how to respond? Or will they just remain quiet?  Once presented with the challenge, offer ways to deal with the situation.  This would be  a great time to remind them how important it is to memorize God’s word so they are never caught off guard. As they get older the challenges should get more complicated.  How will they react to tragedy or disappoint?  You won’t always be around but God’s word can be hidden in their hearts.
  5. Encourage them– As parents this is a given however, At times we just go through the motions and while expecting their best effort we forget to acknowledge the small victories.  Don’t focus on what they haven’t achieved yet…encourage them with your actions by demonstrating your faith on a daily basis. That they might learn not to be afraid to speak up but rather defend their faith with confidence.
Strengthen their Faith and watch it Grow Wild

Strengthen their Faith and watch it Grow Wild

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

What are some ways you are preparing your children?

Remember, the  stage your children are in doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you start helping them learn how to put their faith into action.



But Wait There’s More…

Hi all,

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for supporting me in my latest creative endeavor. Also, to let you know that I have a couple more submissions for this book project “New Life Within” that I mentioned in my last post.  I previously posted my first story, Treasures of the Heart“,  if you already voted for that I thank you.  If you liked that one please take a moment to check out the other two submissions below.  The book cover design I created is something  I’m really excited about and hope to get enough votes that they will use it for the final cover.   Finally my third submission is a funny moment with a pic of my son, which btw is difficult to resist… just see for yourself.

Who can resist that face?  Not me!

My rascal in a tree. Who can resist that face? Not me!


If per chance any of you have a funny kid moment that you’d like to share they are still looking for more submissions. If you’re interested I would love to forward the info to you.

Now at the risk of sounding needy would you pleeease be so kind as to click on each of the links below to check them all out and vote, vote, vote. Pass it on to your friends please and a reblog would be amazing.

 I’m including all three links below for your perusing pleasure:

My Story:                 Treasures of the Heart

My Cover Design: Book Cover Design by CeliArt

My Funny Kid:      Potty Training Gone Awry

Thanks again and I promise not to submit anything else…at least not for this project. 😉  I wouldn’t want to exhaust your kindness.  You are all wonderful and I truly appreciate your kind support. Comments are always welcome and encouraged.