But Wait There’s More…

Hi all,

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for supporting me in my latest creative endeavor. Also, to let you know that I have a couple more submissions for this book project “New Life Within” that I mentioned in my last post.  I previously posted my first story, Treasures of the Heart“,  if you already voted for that I thank you.  If you liked that one please take a moment to check out the other two submissions below.  The book cover design I created is something  I’m really excited about and hope to get enough votes that they will use it for the final cover.   Finally my third submission is a funny moment with a pic of my son, which btw is difficult to resist… just see for yourself.

Who can resist that face?  Not me!

My rascal in a tree. Who can resist that face? Not me!


If per chance any of you have a funny kid moment that you’d like to share they are still looking for more submissions. If you’re interested I would love to forward the info to you.

Now at the risk of sounding needy would you pleeease be so kind as to click on each of the links below to check them all out and vote, vote, vote. Pass it on to your friends please and a reblog would be amazing.

 I’m including all three links below for your perusing pleasure:

My Story:                 Treasures of the Heart

My Cover Design: Book Cover Design by CeliArt

My Funny Kid:      Potty Training Gone Awry

Thanks again and I promise not to submit anything else…at least not for this project. 😉  I wouldn’t want to exhaust your kindness.  You are all wonderful and I truly appreciate your kind support. Comments are always welcome and encouraged. 


Hand Over the Laptop and No One Gets Hurt

Wow!  I never realized how much I rely on my laptop.  Well that is until my husband’s vacuuming incident swept the laptop onto the floor.  My old friend met his fate on that cruel dust free day and is no more. *tear
I thought to myself how bad could it be? It’ll probably boot right back up…Uhhmm, maybe not.  Do you understand that I do everything on my lap top?  This was my everything gadget.  Need to write something down? Get the laptop.  Need to help kids with homework?  Get the laptop.  Need to look up kids grades? Get the laptop .  Need to order a new hard drive?  Get the lap…oh wait a second here.  How am I suppose to order a hard drive online if I don’t have a working laptop?  Hmmmm, kids! Can you bring me YOUR laptop?  Uhuh…I found a way.  Well at least I was able to order my much needed hard drive.  I even paid extra in order to receive it in 3 days.
Seven days later…
Oh wait! Is that the UPS truck outside with my new hard drive?  Yeah!!!  I opened the box carefully as if half expecting the contents to fall to the floor causing it to endure the same fate as my laptop.  But no I was successful and held the hard drive in my sweaty hands as I dreamed of days filled with Microsoft publisher, Wordpress, Bing, Pinterest  and so many more old friends.  I proceeded to act like I knew what I was doing and unscrewed the back panel of the laptop to reveal the old hard drive.  I removed the old one carefully and replaced it with the new.  It clicked right in.  Then…my worst nightmare came true!  As I attempted to replace the lid to screw it back on I realized that this hard drive is almost twice as thick as the old one.  WHAT!?  How did this happen?  My computer geek brother-in-law told me this was the right hard drive!!!  A few deep breaths later I came to the conclusion that I will not be perusing or using my laptop in any way shape or form.  My computer time is now limited to when my children are not using theirs.  Did I mention that they are always using it and are always waiting for the other to finish?  Yeah that’s right!
Apparently I need to return the hard drive and figure out which one I need. So this is a sad case that won’t be resolved for what looks like a few more weeks.  Will I survive?  Probably, but I definitely won’t enjoy it. 
Well, I guess this means I’ll be back here as soon as I can get another turn with the kids laptop.  Wish me luck!

That Dreaded Six Letter Word…M-o-n-d-a-y

It may be a bit bruised but it was thrown together with Love. ♥

It may be a bit bruised but it was thrown together with Love. ♥

Monday comes

Chaos screams

Welcome to the week

Alarm gets snoozed

Fruit gets bruised

As the lunch box it does meet

Book bags fly

Homework’s lost

Quick we’re running late

Shoes in hand

Breakfast ham

Slides right off the plate

Drives a cinch

Or so you think

‘Til traffic starts to slow

Bob and weave in a pinch

But find nowhere to go

Could it be the school I see

Just beyond the light?

Anxious group of children scream

Careful hold on tight!

Finally get to school on time

They gather all their things

Suddenly to realize

Lunch box they did not bring


Happy Monday?



You know…out of all the extras you could possibly have in life, teeth somehow don’t quite make the list of favorites.  While I enjoy having them, extras don’t appeal to me.

What on earth am I talking about?  Let me explain.  While recently on vacation my 10 year old son questions some white spots he was seeing on his gums. “Mommy!  Look at these white things in my mouth”.  I of course being the caring mother that I am proceeded to check his gums and came to the conclusion that it must be natural pressure causing the whitish appearance on the gums.  I went as far as showing him my gums at places that looked exactly the same.  So…based on my extensive non-dental expertise declared it to be nothing.  Case closed.

Two to three weeks later the incident comes to mind and I decided to follow-up  on the gum situation.  You know so I can say “see it was nothing”.  What happened next will boggle the mind.  Suddenly I found myself staring straight at a new pair of teeth forcing their way into my child’s mouth uninvited.  How rude!!!  How could this be?  I totally handled this problem and it should have never turned into “teeth” of all things.

Can you imagine that?

The culprits have left the building.   Thank you Dr. Stein.

The culprits have left the building.
Thank you Dr. Stein.

Two weeks later…

1 visit to the Orthodonist plus 2 to the dentist = 1 nervous kid, 4 shots of Novocaine, 2 gaping holes, 1 numb mouth and 1 hilariously entertaining conversation. (What can I say his numb mouth looked funny).

teeth gaping hole


Good times!


Typical Conversation at School Pick-up

My son and his trusty backup

My son and his trusty backup

The conversation usually goes something like this…


Mom:       Hi Sweetie!  How was your day?

Son:           Good

Mom:        Oh yeah?  Why? What did you do?

Son:           Stuff

Mom:        Like what? What did you learn in Math today?

Son:           I can’t remember

Mom:       Did you work on fractions or decimals?

Son:          Nope…we had a quiz

Mom:       Really?  On what?

Son:          Stuff…I can’t remember

Mom:       …and we’ve come full circle

Is it just me or are you noticing a pattern here?

Ugh! Just take a deep breath. #gottaluvum ♥



Mom’s Two Cents

“When your mother asks, ‘Do you want a piece of advice?’ it is a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway.”

Erma Bombeck

coin purse

Funny but true…for the sake of being polite we ask our children if they want our two cents.  Little do they know that they’re about to get a dollar’s worth.

It’s all good just as long as you give them the opportunity to give back some change.  Now in a perfect world they’d keep the change and ask to borrow more.