Budget living

It seems that these days everyone is trying to cut back.  Things have definitely become bleaker from an economic aspect. Tackling your debt is serious business that can overwhelm you especially if you don’t have the right tools.  I am grateful that my husband took initiative and decided to take action.  His first step was to bring Dave Ramsey into the mix.  We had heard so many good things about his debt free living program that we just had to try it out for ourselves.

We have been changing so much when it comes to our spending habits and it hasn’t been easy.  Sacrifice should hurt right?  Well some days it hurts more than others but we have a plan in action and choose to look toward the end result of being debt free one day soon, that prize is most certainly worth sacrificing for.

If debt is something that you are currently struggling with but need some guidance this would be a great place to start: Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Plan

Grass?  What grass?! Teach your kids and yourself to be content with what you have.


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