So you’ve made that oh so important decision to homeschool but wonder where do you go from here.  Hopefully the following information can serve as somewhat of a guide to your new and very first homeschool journey.

Familiarizing yourself with your states homeschooling laws will be the best place to start.  You can read up on those on Homeschool Legal Defense Association. There you will find all that is required of you as a homeschool educator.  Once you have read up on all the laws you can proceed in planning out your school year accordingly.

First off you will need to be organized…yes organized!  Not everyone has the “organizing gene” necessary for this task. If you happen to be  lacking in that department don’t worry there is hope and help. Homeschool Tracker can be your salvation.  It is a wonderful software program that can be quite helpful in getting all your subjects into one program where you can keep attendance, grades as well as reading logs and extracurricular activities.  End of year evaluations can be nerve-racking if you are not well prepared.  This program came in extremely handy especially at the end of each school year when I needed to have all my information accessible for the evaluation.

I homeschooled my children for eight years and I loved every moment of it but I would be lying if I said I started without problems.  The main problem I recall is not having resources easily available to me.  I had to seek out other homeschoolers but didn’t find many helpful ones which brought on a lot of stress for me.  I was on my own and feeling too small for the large task before me.  That’s why I want to offer up whatever information helped me in order to make it easier on anyone considering homeschooling.  I did a lot of research and found that I had so many options…too many sometimes. If there is anything  that you need addressed concerning homeschool please feel free to leave a comment, question or concern.  I would consider it an honor to help in any way that I can.

This new adventure can feel daunting but it can also be the best decision you ever make.  Trust in God’s promises to see you through.


This is my command–be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged.
For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9




June 30, 2014 :    Summer Learning

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