Kids Corner

dr phil w speech bubble

Dr. Phil is my son’s puppet and…uhemm, I have just been informed that his name is spelled F-i-l not P-h-i-l.  I stand corrected. Okay so this puppet has traveled pretty much everywhere with us ever since my son acquired him during one of our North Carolina visits. Since then our trips have been quite interesting.

I’m in the process of digging up some memorable videos and pictures of our kids crazy journeys with and without Dr. Phil Fil. I’ll be sure and post them as soon as they’re ready.

video strip

One rainy day before Dr. Fil was in the picture, back when we were still homeschooling, the kids were SUPER bored.  In an effort to conquer their boredom The Random Fact Show was born.  Really it’s quite silly but we all got a big kick out it.   You might even learn a random fact or two. Hope you enjoy!

CeliArt © 2015 @Time2Refuel ™


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