I love to dabble in many different things from writing, drawing, painting to photography, organizing and crafting.  There is such great satisfaction in creating something from nothing.  Sketching is a great stress reliever and writing is a great emotional outlet.

I have always encouraged my kids to create and discover new ways of expressing themselves.  My daughter has just recently been sharing her poetry at school as well as at church and is thrilled to learn that people (other than mommy) are actually telling her that she is really good at it.  I always told her she was great but I’m her mom and you know how that is.  “You have to like it, you’re my mom”  is what she always thought.  The truth is that when I’d read her work I was always astonished as to how grown up her writing style was and I’d think to myself “that’s my girl”…I’m a proud mama.

My son has just recently taken an interest in drawing.  Writing isn’t his thing, or so he says.  We’ll see what happens. For now he’s my funny man, always working the room for a laugh.  He’s a nut and I love that about him.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot…he wants to be an actor.  Well he’s definitely very entertaining that’s for sure.

Creating is something I love and have always shown my kids that if you put your mind to it you can do anything.  So that’s what I do, I try whatever it is that I’d like to do and what I don’t know I’ll set out to learn and come back here to share it with you.

So...did you enjoy this post? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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