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There is nothing quite like reading a great book at least for me (I’m a nerd that way).  Though I love many different types of writing my particular favorite genre is Thriller/Suspense.  I have read several stories many amazing, some not so much.  While you’re here I’d like to mention a few of the amazing ones I’ve come across.

If you happen to love a good mystery but are turned off by foul language then Terri Blackstock is the author for you.  When I discovered her I was elated because I was so tired of finding books that I really wanted to read but found that the language often ruined it for me. Ugh! 

Terri Blackstock is an amazing Christian writer and luckily she has a plethora of books to choose from.  The “Cape Refuge” series was my initiation into the Terri Blackstock fan club.  I absolutely loved it.  It was the perfect balance of mystery/suspense mixed with love and spiritual growth.  Check it out for yourself.

cape refuge series




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Devotionals for your kids/teens:

10 Minute Moments: Smart Stuff: Exploring Proverbs Ten Minutes at a Time , paperback by Kurt Johnston

Power of a Positive Teen, paperback by Karol Ladd

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