Unintentional Sin…

“Who perceives his unintentional sins? Cleanse me from my hidden faults.” Psalm 19:12


christ rules

My son’s school day was going along smoothly.  Everything seemed to be just as normal as every other day.  Some tough work, some not so tough but manageable to say the least.  It was time for Art class…ahhh a little reprieve from P.E. would be a welcome change.  How could he know that he would unintentionally make a poor choice that would cost him his “Safety Patrol” belt for a week? 

He and another classmate were asked by the art teacher to go get some napkins for the classroom.  Off they went onto complete their mission when his friend suggested they take a detour and stop by the book fair down the hall before returning to class.  My son said “no way you’re not suppose to do that”. His friend insisted that it would just be “two seconds”.  Feeling powerless my son caved in (thinking that no one listens to him anyway and that he always ends up compromising for everyone else). 

Off they went to the book fair…two seconds turned into much more as they turned to see their art teacher walk into the book fair.  BUSTED!  Now his friend got suspended from the book fair for one day but my son was suspended from patrol duty for a week.  He was livid claiming it was so unfair because his friend got off easy considering it was all his idea.  In his eyes, he really wasn’t to blame because he said they shouldn’t go.  The fact remains that my son was following instead of leading and it cost him.  His intentions were never to break the rules, he felt powerless therefore forgetting he still had the choice not to go. 

Unintentional sin…it creeps up on you.  Your heart might be in the right place but if you veer off your path you may just unintentionally get lost.  It happens to us all.  Some days you feel like you can do this, you can keep your eyes on the things that will grow you spiritually and that all will fall into place accordingly.  It’s the moments that we let our guard down that hinder us and that’s when our hidden faults sneak up on us.  

There are too many distractions in this world. Seeking God is something that we have to be intentional about.  It is a daily action that we can not go without  yet we are sinners and our faults are many luckily for us God is always willing to wipe the slate clean.

Today I encourage you to be intentional in your spiritual journey.  Don’t allow the distractions of this world to take away your “Safety Belt”.

 May God bless you and guide you today and always.



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